Exclusive Collection

What is Sweet Baby Blue Exclusive Collection?

          Sweet Baby Blue Exclusive Collection, is an exclusive collection of designs created by the designer Kayley, that will not be offered in another other group, drive, or website. Each month there will be a number of designs only available for that month, and only available to those in the group. Our Facebook Group is limited to a certain number of people each month, to ensure all designs are only sold a minimal amount of times. 

Each monthly subscription includes:

➳ Access to our Exclusive design Facebook Group {Click Here}
➳ Monthly discount codes for use on the Sweet Baby Blue website.
➳ First access to any new designs coming out.  

Payment Options and Due Date:

➳ Monthly payment plans are due monthly. Once you subscribe, your payment will come out on/around that date each month. 
➳ Payments are required by the last day of the month prior to the next month's subscription. None/declined payments will be removed from the group on the last day of the fully paid for month.
➳ Yearly payment plans are due each year. Once you subscribe, your payment will come out on/around that date the following year. 

Membership Contract/Cost:

➳ Membership are month-to-month, and can be cancelled at anytime. 

➳ Monthly Membership cost: $30 a month.


     ➳ To cancel your subscription you can do so in 1 of 2 ways:
           ➳ Go into your PayPal account, if you signed in, and cancel your subscription under subscriptions. 
           ➳ If you did not use a PayPal account and just attached a card, please email at least 2 Business Days prior to your next charge. 

    ➳ Absolutely NO REFUNDS are given after purchasing your membership. If you purchase month-to-month, your member ship will run out the last day of the paid for month. If you purchase yearly, your membership will run out the last day of the last paid for month of your membership. 


    Subscription Choices